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An alumni gathering like no other; 2/2
... I opened my eyes, sobered up from the alcohol and my lust. Simo had already left. I had to get ready for the party, and I had to do it like a man! BUT, slut that I am, to make my breasts more prominent under my dark purple tank top, I tightened a transparent strap around my waist. You never kno... Read full Story
The night had ended EXTREMELY PLEASUREABLE with BILLY, RYAN & PETER in a literal BANG and I was HAPPY. BITCH I was going to ask to be my wife as LESBIAN LOVERS. We were perfect together, Aunt Susie had groomed me into a SHEMALE DOMINATRIX and BITCH became my SUBMISSIVE. From the early days when I wa... Read full Story
Working Holiday and Hardcore BDSM Experience in UK
I recently moved from Thailand to UK. I am living in the UK on a working holiday visa and earning some money. During my time in the UK, I have noticed that Asian guys are very attracted to older British guys. I have been with 3 men in the last 2 months and their ages are 40, 55 and 61 respe... Read full Story
my cock never gets hard
Hello my loves, I would like you to give me your opinions, I started anal more or less in 2006, although I already played with my anus from time to time, it was not with penetration or in the way I started doing it. later. Well, what I want to ask you is that I have never been able to maintain an er... Read full Story
My 11 Sex Bucket List and 6 Sexual Habits
My Sex Bucket List : 11 things that I want guys to do for me. Progress : 5/11, 45% 1. Upside Down Deepthroat Balls Deep - done November 2023 with a white guy 2. Blindfolded Gangbang 3. Spitroasting 4. Cum Gargle - done November 2023 with a white guy 5. Anal Creampie Eating 6. Doubl... Read full Story
An alumni gathering like no other
An alumni gathering like no other; Sea/Sand/Sun' and why not 'Sex' in a vancancy club; we got together to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our 1st meeting at university. The only rule was to come without a partner to relive our 'frosh' days. with friends of whom I had lost all trace, a... Read full Story
Single sissy in 2024
I’m married, but in law only. Wife and I never fuck; she is a massive prude (naturally only since the ring went on haha). So I dream. Dream about if i lived alone in this day and age. Having fuck machines/massive H cup roanyers/alllll the sexy lingerie delivered directly to my door! I’d... Read full Story
Aunt Susie's Little Bitch
I was just a week shy of my 18th birthday when my mom passed away. Provisions were made that I was to go live with her best girlfriend who I fondly called Aunt Susie, she was to bring me up into a SHEMALE TRANNY BITCH. I just didn’t know it then, but as time went on, it all happened so SUDDENLY. Tha... Read full Story
Being Shemale Part II
After sometime the driver left. Night Two I was again ready by 10 Pm as usual wearing make up and sexy night outfit. My push up bra helped my breast look very attractive looked perfect with my slim body I was standing as usual in the balcony around 11 PM and the driver stopped by again.... Read full Story
Being Shemale
Every night I wear make up and dress up in a sexy lingerie. I stand in my balcony late night trying to lure men and women driving on the road. Last night a truck driver stopped near my house to inspect his vehicle. During his inspection he suddenly saw a long legged booty women in the balcony inf... Read full Story