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Pizza Delivery
She wraps her hands around the back of his head and shoves her cock harder and further into his throat. She can hear him gag and saliva burble in his throat. “FUCK I’ve needed this!” She says, pulling her cock out of his mouth and letting him take a deep gasping breath. “Holy fuck,” he says, cat... Read full Story
Mommy, can I be your fuck-toy?
I saw my step-mom taking a shower by accident or so I thought. It was not until I saw her pretty big she-cock jus hanging there between her sexy well defined legs. It was even hard & it was already as big as my cock when its hard. It looked so big that it was a bit scary yet some muscle in my anus s... Read full Story
She also conquered my soul...
Initiation in a new era... Almost three months since I offered my virginity to a wonderfull he-woman, Selmi... unfortunately I had to cancel the second day we planned to spend together with my LORDESS because I quitted the town where we met the day before. Since, only few summer fling messages...... Read full Story
I've got to make this happen
I've got a sexual fantasy that gets me aroused and makes my dick hard just thinking about it and telling it, here goes, I'm a straight male never been with a man never wanted to be with a man, I don't find myself attracted to men. I love busty curvy women,the scent of a woman the softness of a woman... Read full Story
Tasting the good FLESH
I am no longer Virgin, en bon et du forme Thing never dared since I taste the enjoyment by all the senses and in all its senses... I discovered her when she smiled at me as a thank-you for giving her the way to the small-town supermarket where I was on business. Sandals at her feet of Cinderell... Read full Story
I met my online crush and fucked his pretty face.
“Come here,” I said to him as I slid across the bed. I was eager with anticipation for what was about to happen. After all, we’d been flirting for weeks and only had one torrid makeout session to show for it so far. When he’d reached down and squeezed my hard cock and moaned I knew everything we had... Read full Story
My new life
It started 3 yrs ago when I was 19. I had just graduated HS and was off to college to study arts. At first college was great but I wasn’t making many new friends and felt kind of lonely away from home. Then I met Charles, he worked at the local coffee shop and we began gaming and hanging out. He ... Read full Story
While here I am, totally in the mood, dressed up, and a dildo up my ass. Now is the perfect opportunity to write the first signs on this behavior and the moment that actually started off this little escapade. So lets start with childhood. At first there was nothing worth mentioning, but just as a... Read full Story
Biker's sissy
Last year, I met a biker in a gay bar. I went out with my best friend there. I was dressed in tight leggings- I managed to tuck in my cock and squeeze in my round ass, a purple blouse and high heels. I wore a blond wig, a red lipstick and fake eyelashes. I looked like a doll. Beneath, I had black fi... Read full Story
I was a Top before this experience
She was tall, 6 feet probably, a white colombian beauty, green eyes. Pretty gym body, strong but feminine, don't know how that works, but this was a work of art. Sweet but commanding voice, you know, similar to that voice that tells you that it's recalculating your GPS route or to turn left right no... Read full Story